Radio streaming services

Start your online radio station, stream up to 320 Kbps Mp3, and ACC quality. We also provide a mobile-optimized HD stream for mobile devices, Multiple station management, and user management, Multiple streams output in alternate encodings at different bit rates, Listener management tool, etc.

What we can do –

  1. Logo and Pamphlet design for your station.
  2. Website and application development for your station.
  3. Automation software for broadcasting when you are offline and set up for broadcasting live.
  4. Managing your social pages.

Costs start with Rs. 2500    1500 (Limited Period)

website development

Give an online presence to your business. Host your business on 

What we will do-

  1. design of your logo and pamphlet.
  2. We will help you in buying a domain and hosting.
  3. We will design a nice website for your enterprise.
  4. We will do search engine optimization for you.
  5. We will manage your social pages.

Cost starts with 5000    2500/- (Limited Period)

application development


Get your personalized app developed by us and help you to publish it on play store. Remind your customers to revisit your store through push notifications.

What we will do-

  1.  Logo and Pamphlet design for your business.
  2.  Develop a customized application for your store.
  3. We will send push notification on your behalf to your customer to remind them about your services.
  4. We will manage your social handles.
Cost starts with Rs. 30,000  6000/- (Limited Period)
seo, analysis online, the community manager

search engine optimization

Give your website a good rank in search engines like google. Start your SEO today. We charge 15% of your total budget for SEO’s.


Ask before you Go.

Yes! Our team will help you in buying a domain name and hosting plans for your business at a very reasonable rate.

Yes! Our prices are very reasonable and we offer all our web services at a price which suits all types of business.

If you want to start online radio streaming on your website and app for your radio station, then we will arrange all the setup for you. 

It depends on the services that you want. Online streaming services start with Rs.1500/-.

Absolutely not! We will do all the required settings for you.